Libre Hacker

Linux/GNU distribution with a lots of libre software to hack themselves

The "ready to code" distribution


Thousand of libre software for develop and hack everything

Out of box, no need install or (big) configuration

Many IDE and text/code editor: Geany, Atom, Vim, Emacs, Eric IDE, Bluefish, SciTE, Anjuta...

PYTHON, GO, JS, RUST, PHP, APACHE, MARIADB, DOCKER, GCC... are directly available to interprete or compile your code

Audacity, Blender, Godot and many more... are also available with Hacker Bundle ;) see below

Screenshot desktop Screenshot desktop


ISO : librehacker-beta-2019-x64.iso

Sha1 checksum


Sha1 checksum


Login: hacker
Password: live

Using ISO build :
With Multiboot(We have hack multiboot to support Libre Hacker, official version don't works)
Download MultibootUSB.tar.gz, extract and launch in terminal with :
sudo python3 ./multibootusb

Using Zip build
Unzip and copy librehacker directory on a formated USB key(it is required that your disk uses msdos partition scheme use MBR, not GPT) with FAT32 or ext4.
Run in /librehacker/boot/

Hacker Bundles

Based on linux live script like the slax distribution, AUFS bundle are directly mounted on your filesystem on boot or with hb activate command.

Hacker Bundle already available :